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  • Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

In most cases, the installation or expansion of a commercial fire alarm system is driven by code requirements. There are a variety of federal, state, and local codes that come into play, specifying WHO must install a fire alarm, WHAT type of equipment must be installed, WHERE and HOW it must be installed. Failing to comply fully with any of these codes can result in denial of occupancy permits, fines, legal and financial liability, and, in worst case scenarios, loss of life and property.

Our fire alarm systems give affordable and reliable protection that complies with all stringent fire codes.

  • Make Your Life Easier - Let Able Do the Work On-Time and In-Budget!


Fortunately, complying with all of these codes and keeping your costs to a minimum, is easy. Just call Able. Being a local Milwaukee, WI fire alarm contractor, we know the building codes, we know the local officials, we know how to design a system that meets all the codes and your special requirements at the lowest possible cost. We will meet with the fire inspectors, your architect, your builder, and the various trades involved in your project. We will carry your project all the way through to the inspection and approval of the AHJ fire inspector, and certification with the required NFPA 72 documents.




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  • NFPA 72 - Fire Alarm Testing - NICET LEVEL IV Certification - The Highest!

All fire alarm systems are required by law to be inspected and tested on a regular basis to ensure that they will work when needed. The testing methods and schedules are specified in NFPA 72, published by the National Fire Protection Association, and incorporated in all state and local codes.

In a commercial, institutional, or multi-family residential building, fire alarm testing is required to be done by specially trained and/or certified technicians. The predominant certification criteria is NICET Fire Alarm Technology (National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies).

ABLE MANAGEMENT CARRIES NICET LEVEL IV FIRE ALARM CERTIFICATION - THE HIGHEST! We will supply you with the official documentation required by your local fire inspector and insurance company. We can put you on a regular schedule of annual, quarterly, or monthly testing, so that you will not have to worry about remembering to call us. This way you will always be in compliance. Clients who sign up for regularly scheduled testing receive a discount on their testing rates.


NFPA 72 fire alarm testing by NICET Certified Technicians

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NFPA - National Fire Protection AssociationA+ Rating!


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